Jakarta (ANTARA) - Reflecting on the latest developments in the transmission of COVID-19 in Indonesia, Bank Indonesia (BI) is coordinating with the government and other relevant authorities to institute collective monitoring, assessment, and mitigation efforts over its spread.

BI remains committed to maintaining its public duty and services to ensure monetary stability, financial stability, and secure, uninterrupted, reliable, and efficient payment system services as well as providing adequate rupiah currency fit for circulation, Executive Director of the BI Communication Department Onny Widjanarko noted in a statement in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Furthermore, BI will continue to implement its public duty and services through adherence to K3 (security, health and work safety) by BI staff and members of the public interacting with BI staff while complying with the government's latest recommendation to enforce social distancing.

In terms of maintaining task continuity and simultaneously taking precautionary measures against the impact of COVID-19, BI has instructed staff to work from home where possible, alternately and as needed.

The following services will continue to operate normally, including the Bank Indonesia – Real Time Gross Settlement (BI-RTGS) system, rupiah and foreign currency monetary operations supported by the Bank Indonesia – Scripless Securities Settlement System (BI-SSSS), Bank Indonesia-Electronic Trading Platform (BI-ETP), as well as rupiah banking/currency management services.

On the other hand, services that involve social interaction have been suspended from March 16, 2020, as follows: Cash payment system services: (i) mobile cash services in urban and rural areas across Indonesia; and (ii) exchange services for mutilated and/or damaged banknotes and verification of counterfeit banknotes for the public and banking sector throughout Indonesia; and other public services, such as public visits to BI, the BI Visitor Centre, Bank Indonesia Museum, and Bank Indonesia Library.

Furthermore, BI has applied measures to ensure that rupiah currency in circulation has been subjected to special treatment in order to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 as follows: Quarantining all currency received from the banking industry for a period of 14 days before disinfecting prior to recirculation.

Enhancing the hygiene of human resources and the equipment used in terms of rupiah currency management, he stated.

Coordinating with the banking industry to implement rupiah currency management in accordance with K3 aspects in terms of human resources and rupiah currency management equipment.

Moving forward, BI will continue to coordinate with the government and other relevant authorities to monitor and assess the spread of COVID-19 and the national economic implications. For further information one can contact BICARA (131) (local) or 1500131 (international) or email bicara@bi.go.id.
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