To ensure the community stayed safe at home, it might be an alternative to move national holidays on other days for feast day. It can be discussed
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo and his ranks are preparing scenarios to prevent people from embarking on “mudik,” an annual exodus of individuals returning to their villages and hometowns to celebrate Idul Fitri with friends and families.

"To ensure the community stayed safe at home, it might be an alternative to move national holidays on other days for feast day. It can be discussed," President Widodo stated at the Bogor Presidential Palace on Thursday.

President Widodo conveyed this matter during a limited meeting via videoconferencing themed "The Discussion on Anticipating Mudik" with Vice President Ma'ruf Amin and ministers of the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet.

"I call for comprehensive scenarios to be prepared. It should not just be fragmentary or focusing on one aspect or only sectoral or regional interests, but it should be viewed in full from upstream, in the middle, and to the downstream side," the president noted.

In accordance with the scenario to shift the holidays, the president also proposed two other scenarios.

"The second is to provide facilities for mudik to the public in lieu of the feast day. Thus, they can explore tourist attractions owned by the region free of charge," the president remarked.

The president believes that if these scenarios are applied, the community can remain safe and calm at home, especially for those in Greater Jakarta.

"I remind you that we have declared a health emergency status and applied large-scale social restrictions as a common reference, and I also need to explain again that right from the president, ministers, governors, district heads, and mayors to the village heads, all must adopt a common vision and strategy to solve the problems we face right now," the president stressed.

The government had earlier set the Idul Fitri 1441 H to fall on May 24-25, 2020, with joint leave on May 26-29, 2020.

Until Wednesday (Apr 1), the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Indonesia had reached 1,677, with 103 people declared cured while 157 people dead.

COVID-19 positive cases had spread to 32 provinces in Indonesia, with the highest recorded in Jakarta, at 808; while 220 in West Java; 152 in Banten; 104 each in Central Java and East Java; 66 in South Sulawesi; 28 in Yogyakarta; 25 in Bali; 22 in North Sumatra; and 21 in East Kalimantan.

Based on data from the Worldometers website, as of Thursday (April 2) morning, a total of 935,957 people were infected with coronavirus globally, with 47,245 deaths, while 194,286 people were declared cured.

Some 215,215 cases were recorded in the United States, 110,574 cases in Italy, 104,118 cases in Spain, 81,554 cases in China, and 77,981 cases in Germany.

Until today, Italy still has the highest number of deaths, reaching 13,155; followed by 9,387 deaths in Spain; 5,110 in the United States; 4,032 in France; and 3,312 in China. Currently, over 202 countries and territories have confirmed COVID-19 positive cases. Related news: COVID-19: Citizens asked to scrap 'mudik' plans
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