Police confirm arrival of 6,800 tons imported onions in Indonesia

Police confirm arrival of 6,800 tons imported onions in Indonesia

Brig. Gen. Daniel Tahi Monang, head of the Food Task Force of the Indonesian Police. (ANTARA/ Anita Permata Dewi)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Some 6,800 tons of onions (Allium Cepa Linnaeus), or locally called bombay onions, imported from several countries, arrived in Indonesia in stages, Indonesian Police (Polri) Food Task Force Head Brig. Gen. Daniel Tahi Monang stated.

Of the total, 700 tons had arrived in early April, he remarked here on Thursday.

The imported onions were later distributed to regions across Indonesia, especially to Java and Sumatra, to meet the domestic requirements.

Monang highlighted the need for imports to ensure that the price of onions return to normal after earlier jumping up to 10 folds.

The National Police's Food Task Force has continued to monitor and oversee the distribution of staples, including onions, to the market and consumers to ensure food availability and no supply shortage.

Earlier, National Police Chief Gen. Idham Azis had issued a National Police Chief Telegram Letter pertaining to instructions to his staff to ensure the distribution of staple food items and other community requirements.

The price of bombay onions reached up to Rp170 thousand per kilogram in March 2020, thereafter falling to Rp80 thousand-Rp100 thousand per kilogram in the first week of April.

This week, the price of onions dropped again to lie in the range of Rp40 thousand-Rp80 thousand per kilogram.  Related news: Government ensures adequate food stocks until next 3-4 months
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