Jakarta (ANTARA) - Civil servants found flouting the homecoming, or ‘mudik', ban will face disciplinary action in the form of a reprimand, demotion, or even dismissal, according to the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform.

"There are categories of violations and disciplinary punishments," said deputy assistant for Integrity and Evaluation of Merit System, Bambang D. Sumarsono, during a joint press conference with the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 here Thursday.

He said the policy prohibiting homebound travel was followed up with the issuance of a circular letter (SE) by the State Personnel Agency (BKN) outlining the procedure for imposing disciplinary penalties on civil servants found violating the ban.

"The monitoring and supervision of civil servants activities has been carried out specifically by the PPK (Staffing Supervisory Officer), so that there is no civil servant movement," Sumarsono informed.

The PPK is also encouraging participation of civil servants in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their work environment, residence, or community.

Meanwhile, the follow-up to alleged violations of discipline, the type of punishment, and the procedure as well as the mechanism for its implementation would be regulated in accordance with the needs of each agency, Sumarsono said.

The category of violations and disciplinary punishments for civil servants found violating the prohibition on traveling outside the region or going home without permission would be accorded based on their impact on work units, agencies, and government, as well as the community.

The disciplinary action has been divided into light, medium and heavy categories.

Mild disciplinary punishment would take the form of verbal reprimands, written reprimands, and statements not satisfied in writing.

The light sentence was set because Circular Number 36, which was issued at that time, was still in the form of an appeal.

Medium punishment would involve penalties concerning personnel administration, including no regular increase of salary or class, no increase in rank, and even, demotion.

Meanwhile, heavy punishment would include a one-level demotion for three years, not being given a job, and then also a demotion or even, dismissal with respect not at their own request as civil servants.

For this reason, Bambang urged all civil servants to obey the homecoming ban so that efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 bear fruit.

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