Jayapura (ANTARA) - West Java Pencak Silat athlete, Asep Yuldan Sani, won a gold medal in the men's singles in the XX Papua National Games (PON) after collecting 467 points in three minutes.

In the final round of the Pencak Silat men's singles held at the Toware Sports Building, Jayapura District, Monday, Yuldan, a gold medalist in the 2018 Asian Games, was ahead of Sugianto, a fighter from Jakarta's contingent.

Sugianto had to settle for second place, with a silver medal, after collecting 461 points in three minutes. Sugianto was left six points behind Yuldan in the first position.

Yuldan and Sugianto were the two prominent athletes favored to win the gold medal in the Pencak Silat men's singles. Both were also gold medalists at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang.

Sugianto's achievements at the Papua PON this time were a repeat of his achievements in the 2016 West Java PON. At that time, he also lost a gold medal to the West Java fighter, Nunu Nugraha, in a tight point collected.

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Sugianto pocketed 465 points, while Nugraha won with 466 points. The third place or bronze medal was won by Balinese fighter I Gusti Ngurah Arya Yuda, with 464 points.

However, the men's singles bronze medal in Pencak Silat at the PON this year was won by the host contingent through their male fighter, Deryalfy Fathudin. He brought home the medal after collecting 457 points, with a time of three minutes and one second.

Meanwhile, Balinese fighter I Kadek Pebrinata was only able to collect 453 points, Syarief Hidayatullah Suhaimi from East Java secured 451 points, and East Kalimantan's athlete, Supardiansyah, only managed to score 449 points.

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