Jakarta (ANTARA) - Once again, Gojek won first place in the Transparency and Reporting category of the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) Awards Indonesia 2021. The leading on-demand platform has been recognized for its efforts in implementing aspects of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) into various activities ranging from employee recruitment, development, and support to existing talent. As the first winner, Gojek will represent Indonesia at the Asia Pacific level.

Eko Novi Ariyanti, Director of Professional and Private Association Development at the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection as a judge in the Transparency and Reporting category explained, "This category is intended for companies that have an accountability framework and have set targets and consistently report and take steps to improve their performance to achieve gender equality indicators. This category also recognizes the efforts of companies that carry out audits and analysis of issues related to gender issues such as the gender pay gap or to companies that are committed to increasing the number of gender indicators which they then report publicly each year.”

Head of Sustainability GoTo Group Tanah Sullivan expressed how GoTo Group is very proud of Gojek for winning first prize at the UN Women 2021 WEP Awards. “This award is important because it recognizes the action behind our commitments. By disclosing our metrics, targets, and progress towards gender equality, we are ensuring that we are accountable and transparent about our gaps and how we are going to close them, in order to build a truly inclusive organization,” Tanah reiterated.

As part of its commitment to DEI, Gojek has formed a Board consisting of employees from various levels, including senior management and CEO, to ensure that DEI's values and metrics are deeply rooted in the company. In early 2021, Gojek issued its first sustainability report that includes the DEI initiative.

Gojek continues to play an active and consistent role in accelerating gender equality by implementing various initiatives, such as announcing three main commitments (Zero Emissions, Zero Waste, Zero Barriers), becoming the first company from Indonesia to support the UN's No Manel Pledge to provide more opportunities for women, and forming Women@Gojek, the Employee Resource Group to foster awareness, respect, and inclusiveness in the workplace.

"This award is not only an appreciation but also as proof that the various initiatives taken by Gojek to achieve equality are going in the right direction. We are happy that we are consistently able to continue to have a positive impact on Indonesia, both in terms of economy, environment, and social aspects,” concluded Tanah.

In 2020, Gojek won the same award for the Community and Industry Engagement category. The award was given for the #AmanBersamaGojek initiative which encourages a safe culture in public spaces, especially so that women can move freely.

This award event is organized by WeEmpowerAsia, a UN Women program funded and in collaboration with the European Union. This award is part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Women Empowerment Principles and the founding of UN Women. The award presentation was held virtually and attended by Ms Valerie Julliand - UN Resident Coordinator in Indonesia, H.E Mr Vincent Piket - European Union Ambassador to Indonesia & Brunei Darussalam, Ms. Shinta Kamdani - Board Member of the Indonesian Business Coalition for Women's Empowerment, Mr Jamshed Kazi - Representative and Liaison for UN Women Indonesia for ASEAN, H.E Ms. I Gusti Bintang Darmawati - Indonesian Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection. To find out more about the awards, please visit www.asiapacificwepsawards.org.

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