The Constitutional Court has responded to the protests by the public and regions
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The recent Constitutional Court verdict that declared the Job Creation Law as unconstitutional is a remedy for public and regional protests, Regional Representative Council (DPD RI) Deputy Speaker Sultan B. Najamudin stated.

"The Constitutional Court has responded to the protests by the public and regions, especially for the workers that have been clear on their opposition since the deliberation of the law. We must also laud the court's persistence to respect the constitution," Najamudin noted.

No other law has been as controversial and widely opposed as the Job Creation Law, which was drafted without taking into account the people's concerns despite the legislation having good intent to reinvigorate the national economy.

"The DPD RI has expressed hesitancy to support the legislation since the law was drafted, and the Constitutional Court verdict has relieved concerns harbored by regional governments and workers nationwide," the deputy speaker remarked.

Najamudin urged the government and the House of Representatives to revise the law within the time frame given by the court to prevent the Job Creation Law from being "permanently unconstitutional".

"Despite our legislative function, the DPD RI has no power to initiate legislation, but we are ready to partake in the process to revise the law if requested," he affirmed.

Earlier, the Constitutional Court ruled that Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation is unconstitutional and had no legal binding.

"It (the law) is contrary to the 1945 Constitution and does not have a conditional legal binding as long as it is not interpreted as 'no changes were not made in two years since the ruling'," Chief Justice Anwar Usman stated while reading out the ruling in Thursday (Nov 25).

By virtue of its unconstitutional status verdict, the Court also prohibited the government from drafting new regulations linked to the law and ordered the suspension of a strategic move or policy that has broad impacts.

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