Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the National Teacher Association, Prof. Unifah Rosyidi, opined that the 100 percent face-to-face learning method conducted in some regions was a rather hasty step.

"Since the onset, the National Teacher Association objected to 100-percent face-to-face learning, because as is known, although almost 100 percent of the teachers in Jakarta and 78 percent of secondary education students have been vaccinated, vaccination has only commenced for elementary school students," Rosyidi stated on being contacted from here on Tuesday.

Moreover, the 100-percent face-to-face learning policy was imposed when Omicron had begun to spread in the country, for which the objection was raised.

Rosyidi believes that the most appropriate method to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic was the limited face-to-face learning policy in which the number of students and the length of learning time were limited.

“Prepare well for online and offline learning. This is much safer as compared to these kids being at school from morning until noon and who are at school and only take a 15-minute break,” he added.

Rosyidi called for evaluation of the 100-percent face-to-face learning method, especially in Jakarta. On the other hand, supporting factors, such as the quality of hybrid learning and digital infrastructure, should be improved.

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Some students had grown fond of the combination of online and offline learning and were not only focused on listening to the teacher but also engaging in discussions, she remarked.

Acting Head of the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations at Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, Anang Ristanto, stated that the face-to-face learning method was currently followed in accordance with the Joint Decree on Guidelines for learning during the 2019 coronavirus disease pandemic and prepared by involving various stakeholders, such as epidemiology experts, the COVID-19 Task Force, as well as across ministries and agencies.

"We also always follow the development of dynamics of COVID-19 in accordance with the Home Affairs Ministry," Ristanto stated.

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