Poso, Central Sulawesi (ANTARA) - A joint team of military and police officers from the Madago Raya Task Force has conducted aerial and checkpoint patrols to track down three East Indonesia Mujahideen (MIT) fugitives in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

An air patrol was first conducted to monitor the activities of members of the MIT terror group, then the task force carried out a land patrol in Sigi and Poso districts, Central Sulawesi Police chief, Inspector General Rudy Sufahriadi, who is commanding the task force, informed.

"We have conducted an air patrol to Manggalapi, Tagara, and Air Teh blockade checkpoints in Sigi district this morning," he said in Poso on Thursday.

The air patrol was conducted in several areas in Sigi, Poso, and Parigi Moutong districts, where fugitives belonging to the MIT terror group are suspected to be active and hiding, he informed.

After the air patrol, task force officers carried out a land patrol in Gayatri, Tambarana, and Timbunhan blockade checkpoints in Poso district, the task force commander added.

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"Our current focus is to track down and arrest the remaining three fugitives," Sufahriadi said.

Besides identifying any suspected activity or hiding spot, the air patrol was also conducted to encourage task force officers stationed at blockade checkpoints within the operation area, he added.

"Our patrol was also to boost the morale of officers who assist and protect the people," he said.

He affirmed that Madago Raya operation will proceed until the three fugitives are arrested or voluntarily surrender to the authorities.

"I urge the three MIT Poso fugitives to surrender themselves to the authority. If they refuse to surrender, we will continue this operation until all three are arrested," Sufahriadi remarked.

Earlier on January 4, 2022, officers of the Madago Raya task force shot dead one wanted terror suspect, Ahmad Panjang alias Ahmad Gazali, during armed combat in Poso.

Operation Madago Raya is a continuation of Operation Tinombala involving the defence forces and police personnel, which was launched in 2016 to hunt terrorists in Poso.

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