The current method (of choosing acting regional heads) is still far from democratic value.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Constitution and Democracy (Kode) Initiative's acting chairperson, Violla Reininda, has asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to create a more transparent mechanism for electing acting regional heads in the future.

"The ministry needs to change the methods or paradigm for choosing acting regional head candidates," she said during a virtual discussion entitled “Military Official becoming Acting Regional Head Pro-Anti” on Friday.

"The public and constituents in the regions do not know who will replace the regional head position," she added during the discussion, which was held by Formappi and Lima.

Making the mechanism transparent would make the process of choosing acting regional head candidates align with the principles of democracy, she explained.

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Thus far, the election of acting regional heads by the government has not shown democratic characteristics, such as transparency and public participation, Reininda opined.

"The current method (of choosing acting regional heads) is still far from democratic value," she remarked.

"Thus, because there is still time to repair it, please fix it so that the rules and methods align with democratic values," she added.

She further said that a stern mandate by President Joko Widodo is necessary to ensure the ministry incorporates democratic values in electing acting regional heads.

With this, President Widodo can leave a good legacy related to upholding democracy in Indonesia before his term ends in 2024.

Beyond the election of acting regional heads, Kode Initiative is also pushing for the involvement of the public in the revision of the Job Creation Law.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Reininda said this participation should come in the form of providing the public access to the entire document concerning the law's formulation and its time proportionality.

Moreover, there should be an effort by the House of Representatives (DPR) and the government to actively invite and involve the people.

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