Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chief of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), Moeldoko, received representatives of indigenous communities from Sintang district, West Kalimantan, on Tuesday and listened to their aspirations regarding human resource development in the border regions.

The 15 indigenous community representatives, who live close to the planned site of Sungai Kelik Border Post, asked the government to organize training for youth in the border regions.

The development of the post in Sintang district is expected to commence in 2023.

"The indigenous communities do not oppose the development of the Sungai Kelik Border Post and its infrastructures, but we hope (that local) human resources will also be readied in unison with the development. If the authority is not present to develop human resources in the border regions, they will be forever regarded as underqualified," Igas, a representative of the Dayak indigenous community of Sintang district, said on Tuesday.

According to the Dayak representative, limited and distant educational facilities as well as limited access to telecommunications services restricts local youth from accessing proper education.

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Meanwhile, president of the National Dayak Indigenous Assembly, Martin Billal, expressed his gratitude to Moeldoko for his willingness to receive the delegates and his attentiveness to border issues.

"We express our gratitude to the chief of the Presidential Staff Office who has spent his time to hear the aspiration of us, the people from the border region. (His) response is prompt, and this is the kind of public service that residents need," Billal remarked.

Meanwhile, Moeldoko said that the government is committed to prioritizing education, health, and economic services in border regions.

"Residents' education, health, and economic issues will remain our priority because the development of infrastructures is indeed tied to the development of human civilization," the KSP chief added.

He also highlighted the government's attentiveness to development programs and the quality of life of residents in the border and underdeveloped regions.

"The government has provided affirmative action and special attention to residents of border regions, but this is gradual as some projects are still ongoing. I hope indigenous communities will be patient as the government indeed hears your aspirations," Moeldoko remarked.

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