Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian House of Representatives' (DPR's) Commission I member, Christina Aryani, urged the government to categorically ensure supervision and take firm action against perpetrators sending Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) illegally, especially to Malaysia.

Aryani stated here on Tuesday that the government should oversee the implementation of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the placement of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia.

The supervision being demanded is for the implementation of the MoU on the placement of domestic migrant workers between Indonesia and Malaysia as well as monitoring of the opening to send Indonesian migrant workers to Malaysia.

Aryani believes that these steps should be taken, so that the MoU will not solely address the issue of marginalization of Indonesian migrant workers, as the illegal sending of migrant workers continued unabated.

"We need to remind the government regarding this step, so that efforts to protect Indonesian migrant workers run simultaneously," she stated.

Aryani pointed out that the cases involving migrant workers, so far, especially those in Malaysia, occurred due to illegal or unprocedural shipments.

Hence, the MoU should be accompanied by the implementation of a commitment to eradicate the mafia that sends Indonesian migrant workers illegally.

"Supervision at the entry points to Malaysia through the 'alternative route' must be ensured to be conducted optimally. If there are still certain individuals or parties that facilitate (illegal sending), then they must be dealt with firmly. We believe in the commitment of the army commander in the joint efforts to eradicate this," she remarked.

Aryani also questioned the government's plan to form a Task Force for the Eradication of Human Trafficking that had yet to be established.

She believes that the efforts of the Task Force for the Eradication of Human Trafficking coupled with the implementation of the agreement would greatly assist the state's efforts in maximizing protection for Indonesian migrant workers.

"How far has it been established and implemented so far? If this is only based on the agreement. We cannot ensure all these efforts will go well. This step must be in sync with domestic efforts to eradicate mafia practices of illegally sending Indonesian migrant workers," she stated.

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