We take the middle way, that is Pancasila
Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) emphasized that Indonesian youths should be ready to face all forms of threats, including ideas that opposed Pancasila as ideology, to support the country's ideals towards realizing Golden Indonesia 2045.

"It takes ideological resilience to achieve the 2045 Golden Indonesia (ideals)," the Director of Prevention at BNPT, Brigadier General R. Ahmad Nurwahid, noted in a written statement received here on Wednesday.

Thus, the younger generation must be strong in facing both internal and external threats for which strongly upholding ideological values is deemed necessary.

During the Regeneration of Cyber Peace Ambassadors for South Sulawesi Province event in Makassar, Tuesday (August 23), Nurwahid noted that one of the ideological threats was radicalism.

It was also said that radicalism was an ideology often masked with religious intent, used by several groups for their own political gains.

"Radicalism is an ideology or notion built by distorting religion, manipulating religion, with the aim of political power whose ultimate goal is to establish their version of a religious state, with an ideology of caliphate according to their version," he elaborated.

He stated that the spread of that ideology was much akin to that of contagions, and if left unchecked, it would lead to chaos in society.

"They spread ideological slander akin to viruses, religious slander, which is contradictive to the noble values of religion. They also pit religious people against each other, thereby creating a phobia for religious people. If left unchecked, it will cause conflict," he cautioned.

He opined that blasphemous behavior was akin to the spread of viruses. If it persisted, intolerance would rise and such individuals would harbor misconceptions that only their religion was exclusively right.

To this end, he stressed that the younger generation must remain strong in resisting all forms of ideological challenges, so that they could continue to take a middle ground while concurrently pursuing the targets of the 2045 Golden Indonesia.

"We have to be strong in taking the middle ground. Do not be swayed to the left and do not be swayed to the right either. We adopt the essence of the rightist ideology. We incorporate the essence of the leftist ideology. We take the middle way, that is Pancasila," he concluded.

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Translator: Joko Susilo, Mecca Yumna
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