Badung, Bali (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin distributed social assistance packages worth Rp7.593 billion to residents of Badung District, Bali, during a visit to the province on Monday.

"The government is committed to continuing to provide social assistance for poorer residents because it is the government's responsibility (that we must perform) according to the government's ability," the Vice President said while symbolically handing over social assistance at an event organized at the Benoa Village Office, South Kuta Sub-district, Badung.

He then appealed to residents to pray that the government is able to provide greater benefits for the public good.

"Hence, (we appeal you to) pray, so the government will have more capability to provide assistance for residents in greater sum. We hope what the government (aid) presented (to all of you) can be utilized properly," he said.

While presenting the aid, he also asked residents about their condition since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Ladies and gentlemen, are you all healthy? How is Bali right now? Is it better today? Has its economy recovered already? If it has, then praises be to God," Amin remarked.

The social assistance packages handed over by the Vice President comprised non-cash food assistance (BPNT), Family Hope social assistance (PKH), and social rehabilitation assistance (ATENSI).

During the event, Amin handed over basic food packages worth Rp1.919 billion (US$128.5 thousand) for 9,598 BPNT recipients, PKH worth Rp5.701 billion (US$381.9 thousand) for 6,744 families, and ATENSI worth Rp72.225 million (US$4,839), with each recipient receiving Rp5.642 million (US$378) in cash.

The Vice President also provided basic food packages worth Rp300 thousand (US$20.1) comprising rice, cooking oil, milk, canned foods, instant noodles, and other basic food items, for residents.

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Translator: Desca Lidya N, Nabil Ihsan
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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