Natuna, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - The Riau Islands Provincial Language Agency proposed to include Natuna and Anambas languages in the Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language (KBBI) and Malay language dictionary.

"We have inventoried new Malay vocabulary from Natuna and Anambas districts to be submitted to KBBI as well as for adding lemma to the first edition of the Malay language dictionary that has been printed before," the agency's word and terminology analyst, Jefri Tampubolon, stated here on Tuesday.

According to Tampubolon, the new vocabulary inventory is the government's effort to preserve the regional language and enrich the vocabulary in the Indonesian dictionary.

The Riau Islands Language Agency has also striven to preserve the local language through oral literature in Natuna District by holding various activities, such as local arts and cultural performances.

"We have revitalized the oral literature of Mendu theater in Natuna District (by involving) 25 students. Oral literature in Natuna uses the Malay language, so this revitalization also protects the regional language in Natuna," Tampubolon remarked.

The long-term attempts by the Riau Islands Language Office in preserving the Malay language in Natuna and Anambas also involve related parties, such as the Education Office and the Tourism Office.

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"Apart from schools and related agencies, the Language Office collaborates with the Natunasastra Community and the Kompas Benua Community to protect the language and literature in Natuna," he remarked.

Meanwhile, since March 24, 2021, the Riau Islands Language Office has conducted an inventory of Malay vocabulary in Natuna to develop the vocabulary of the language, involving some informants and sources.

"With these informants, the team managed to collect several Natuna Malay vocabularies related to gardening and sea tools," Head of the Riau Islands Language Office Asep Juanda stated in October 2021.

According to Juanda, the efforts to collect data on the Natuna Malay vocabulary were made to preserve the language as a major section of the younger generation in Natuna rarely used them.

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