It is hoped that (the assistance provided by) BSI can be a blessing for the community.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) Tbk, the entity formed from the merger of three state-run banks, provided assistance to 500 orphans and disadvantaged people to commemorate Maulid Nabi -- the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

"We, as Muslims, must be able to adopt the noble character of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, practice his sunnah, and make Islam a rahmatan lil alamin (blessing for the universe)," Deputy Director of BSI Bob Tyasika Ananta remarked in a statement received on Saturday.

This year, Maulid Nabi was observed on October 8 in Indonesia.

The BSI deputy director said that the bank also held other activities to commemorate the holy day, including a blood donation; a free health check; a waqf donation for the construction of a mosque in Bakauheni Sub-district, South Lampung District, Lampung Province; as well as a da’wah event.

The activities reflect BSI's commitment to helping people in need, he added.

Furthermore, the activities were part of the efforts of the enterprise to disburse alms, he said.

The activities were carried out in collaboration with an alms, waqf, and corporate social responsibility managing institution, Bangun Sejahtera Indonesia Maslahat (BSI Maslahat), and supervised by the National Sharia Council.

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"It is hoped that (the assistance provided by) BSI can be a blessing for the community," Ananta stated.

On Maulid Nabi, Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas invited the people to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who showed the best practices for building harmony in the community.

For instance, the prophet established the Medina Charter to help make Muslims live peacefully side by side with Jews and Christians.

"Harmony is a prerequisite for (national) development. Adopting the good practice implemented by the Prophet in Medina, Muslims should contribute to building and advancing Indonesia amidst social diversity," the minister remarked.

Indonesian Muslims have a big responsibility to maintain Indonesia's harmony, he added.

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