… bamboo can fulfill the concept of circularity because it is zero waste, meaning that all parts of the bamboo can be used.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) has encouraged the development of bamboo industry as it has a high value in terms of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, its Head of People's Economic Empowerment Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brodjonegoro said.

"The reason why KADIN wants to promote bamboo is because it has a high value in terms of sustainability," he made the remarks at an event in Jakarta on Monday.

Bamboo can be used in a variety of products for fulfilling community needs, starting from furniture, bicycles, building materials, and as an energy source in the form of biomass.

Given the many products that can be produced from it, bamboo is a suitable commodity for promoting sustainability because it has a circular scheme, Brodjonegoro said.

When bamboo is used to create products, there is no waste produced that can cause environmental damage, he added.

"The advantage of this bamboo can fulfill the concept of circularity because it is zero waste, meaning that all parts of the bamboo can be used," he highlighted.

Besides, bamboo can be an asset to Indonesia in making its presence felt in the global arena when it comes to sustainability. Moreover, Indonesia has a high diversity of bamboo plants as it is home to 162 of the 1,439 bamboo species in the world.

"Because it can be used as a (raw material for a) variety of products, bamboo can become one of Indonesia's products to be sold globally," he said.

More importantly, bamboo is a plant that is cheap and easy to manage for the community, thus it can help revive the local economy.

"Efforts to grow, care for, and ultimately do business using bamboo can be done at the household level or the surrounding community," he said.

For this reason, KADIN is strongly encouraging the empowerment of the bamboo industry in Indonesia, he added.

"So, the point is that we want to use bamboo as an effort to create a balance between economic sustainability, social sustainability because it involves the community, and environmental sustainability. So bamboo has advantages. These three types can be done together simultaneously," said Brodjonegoro.

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