Satu Data Indonesia Web Summit & eGov 2023 Cross-Sector Forum Realizing Smart Government

Jakarta, Indonesia (ANTARA) - Leading ICT provider, Huawei, actively supports all efforts to increase awareness of the importance of cloud-based data governance and security within a comprehensive development policy. Huawei's commitment was emphasized during the implementation of the third Satu Data Indonesia Web Summit 2023 and eGov 2023, held on July 4 and 6, 2023.

Bambang Soesatyo, Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), said, "The theme of the Satu Data Indonesia Web Summit reminds us of the importance of building a competitive economy to realize Indonesia's projection as the world's fifth largest GDP country by 2045. One important factor in boosting competitiveness is through the optimization of digital transformation. Data integration and Electronic Government Systems will play a very important role. We appreciate the strong commitment of parties such as Huawei and ABDI in continuously improving literacy and public awareness regarding the importance of cloud-based data governance and security."

James Zhang, CEO of Huawei Cloud Indonesia, stated, "Seeing the rapid development of digital transformation, more companies in Indonesia have started to adopt cloud technology. Huawei Cloud, as one of the top five worldwide leading cloud providers, is committed to building an intelligent cloud foundation for Indonesia to accelerate digital transformation at the enterprise level. The availability of local data centers, local services, and local ecosystems substantiate Huawei Cloud's seriousness in fulfilling its digital commitment in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in the Asia-Pacific region, Huawei Cloud is the fastest-growing cloud service provider."

The acceleration of digital transformation in the government sector will increase the volume and flow of data exchange between agencies. Government data governance must involve high-security systems to achieve the digital transformation of bureaucracy. This fact serves as the foundation for the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) in supporting the joint study conducted by the National Cyber and Crypto Polytechnic (SSN Polytechnic) and the University of Indonesia. The study, titled "Strategic Review of Cyber Security in Indonesia - Cloud Technology and Data Governance," was officially launched during the Satu Data Indonesia Web Summit 2023 and eGOV 2023 event.

To enhance public trust, all challenges, complexities, and solutions related to cloud-based data governance, as well as data security feature standards, must be the primary focus of every state administration agency. Suntana, Deputy Head of BSSN, stated, "To achieve Indonesia Emas 2045 (Golden Indonesia 2045), we must perform digital transformation. One characteristic of this transformation is the convergence of data and information, as well as ease in sharing data or information. This transformation is already underway through the Electronic Government System and Satu Data Indonesia. However, behind this convenience, there are challenges that we must overcome to create a secure digital environment. We are grateful that government partners such as ABDI and Huawei have organized forums for discussions and collaborations among the government, business actors, practitioners, academics, and the public to implement and develop Indonesia One Data, as well as to support the accelerated implementation of the Electronic Government System."

Similarly, Bambang W. Budiawan, Deputy Commissioner of Supervision for Financing Institutions and Other Financial Services, Financial Services Authority (OJK), appreciates the execution of the Satu Data Indonesia Web Summit 2023 and eGov 2023, which supports the implementation of the single data policy and electronic government system. "High-level discussion forums like this can be a source of inspiration for stakeholders in the financial services industry in Indonesia, especially in terms of consumer data management and financial transaction information. Our highest appreciation goes to such parties like Huawei, who has supported this event, as it can increase awareness and strengthen the public’s trust in data management in the digital era," added Bambang.

The Indonesia One Data Web Summit and eGOV 2023, organized by the Big Data and AI Association (ABDI), are cross-sector forums involving government elements, academics, and development partners. This forum aims to realize the concept of a smart government that is oriented towards cloud-based data governance, emphasizing aspects of data security and privacy.

The implementation of digital data governance in the state administration system is useful for improving the speed, accuracy, and quality of public services, in accordance with the mandate of the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 39 of 2019 concerning Satu Data Indonesia and Perpres No. 95 of 2018 concerning the Electronic Government System (SPBE).

Rudi Rusdiah, Chairman of ABDI, expressed his appreciation for Huawei's support in the execution of the Satu Data Indonesia Web Summit 2023 and eGov 2023. "Huawei's contribution to the entire series of activities of the Satu Data Indonesia Web Summit 2023 and eGov 2023 can accelerate the implementation of the single data policy launched by the government," he said.

Syarbeni, Cyber Security and Privacy Officer of Huawei Indonesia, stated that big data and cloud storage systems are crucial factors in supporting the implementation of Electronic Government Systems (SPBE) in Indonesia. Therefore, the involvement of data governance and globally standardized data security systems, such as those available in Huawei's cloud services, will play a crucial role.

"Indonesia needs to implement data governance and security that adhere to global standards in its government technology architecture, as the volume of data and information increases in the digital era. Huawei Cloud services, equipped with the latest data security and privacy features, can help the government realize a digital-based governance system," he said.

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