Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) campaigns SIAP #JagaRuangSiber to the broader public as an effort to thwart the risk of cybercrimes.

"What we do is the #JagaRuangSiber national movement that we see has a humanistic approach. The target is the broader public," BSSN's spokesperson, Ariandi Putra, stated here on Wednesday.

SIAP #JagaRuangSiber stands for keep your data, follow literacy, secure your gadget, and strengthen your password.

Keeping data is a necessary action to secure private or important data to prevent it from being leaked.

Securing personal data involves copying the data, conducting encryption of sensitive data, safely deleting data, and treating hardware carefully, such as by not leaving it at a public place.

Follow literacy means strengthening literacy on cyberspace, such as matters related to personal data, cyberattacks, financial risk, and company security.

Secure gadget is a point that underlines the implementation of a security system for gadgets starting from screen lock activation, Wi-Fi network protection, operating system update to exercising caution toward applications and downloads.

Meanwhile, strengthen password is an important aspect that the public often ignores. People often make easily identifiable passwords, such as their date of birth or the name of a close acquaintance.

Password that can be easily guessed can lead to cybercrimes. The BSSN recommends creating a difficult password to maintain the safety of hardware and data within it, albeit ensuring that it is easy to remember.

Moreover, the agency reminds the public to not share the password with anyone else, including significant others, and routinely change the password at least once every three months.

"We implore to change the password at least once per three months, but you should not change it to your parent's name, the more complicated it is, the safer it will be," Putra elaborated.

The agency also provides various educational content on cybersecurity on its official social media platform, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

This educational content is packaged with interesting presentation, has easy-to-understand materials, and is related to issues that people frequently speak about or experience.

The content brought up relatable issues, such as inaccessible social media account as well as m-banking.

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Translator: Farhan Arda N, Fadhli Ruhman
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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