Jakarta (ANTARA) - Commander of the National Defense Forces (TNI), Admiral Yudo Margono, confirmed that no security disturbance had occurred in the assistance distribution to famine sufferers in Puncak District, Central Papua.

"There was no (security disturbance) from armed criminal groups (KKB) and terrorist separatist groups (KST). The current obstacle is the weather," Margono remarked after the coordination meeting on the handling of drought and famine in Central Papua here on Wednesday.

Margono noted that the aid distribution can only be conducted via air route.

"The distribution cannot go directly there because there are no roads. The only way is by air, while air freight has to wait for the weather condition. When the weather is good, (the personnel) will immediately fly there to drop it off," he added.

The long-lasting dry season and extreme cold weather caused crop failure in Agandugume and Lambawi, Puncak District, Central Papua.

Amid the scarcity of food, six people, comprising five adults and an infant, died due to diarrhea and dehydration.

Margono said that his side has readied military troops around the location.

"I ensure that our troops are there to guard the humanitarian aid. There is one platoon there and a team from the National Police as well," he remarked.

He noted that about 50 TNI troops were prepared to guard the airport and the access to Agandugume and Lambewi.

Margo reaffirmed that no reports of security disturbances were reported during the aid distribution.

"I have not heard of them, and in fact, our food assistance has arrived there; and until now, there have been no attacks from the KKB. We are never afraid because this is humanitarian aid, which we must put first," he stated.

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