Developed by the AIS Forum Secretariat in collaboration with the Oceanographic Research Center of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), the application can estimate carbon stocks and sequestration in coastal areas and seagrass beds in AIS member countries.

Seagrass is a green plant that grows on shallow seabeds. It is considered the best carbon sink that can control climate change. Every hectare of seagrass meadows can absorb 6.59 tons of carbon per year.

According to the media team's statement, the SCC uses a formula that uses the biomass value, density, and percentage of seagrass cover to arrive at carbon inventory and sequestration values.

The SCC app is expected to help all parties, especially island and archipelagic countries, understand the potential blue carbon balance of seagrass ecosystems.

In addition, the AIS Forum and BRIN have developed the Carbon Inventory For Seagrass Ecosystem (CISE) mobile application to assist relevant stakeholders in reporting the potential blue carbon balance of seagrass ecosystems.

The app can be used to monitor the levels of carbon produced in certain seaweed areas.

In 2021, a mobile-based CISE application was developed to perform substantive material calculations and made available on Android and IOS.

Next, in collaboration with BRIN, the AIS has also developed the Mangrove Health Index (MHI) app to measure the health of mangrove ecosystems.

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Mangroves are known to help stabilize coastlines and reduce the impact of storm surges and flooding by slowing water movement and trapping sediment.

MHI can help archipelagic and island countries mitigate the impact of sea-level rise.

In addition, the AIS Forum has produced innovative research on monitoring the development of mangroves and underwater conditions to support marine governance and climate change mitigation efforts.

The AIS Forum has also carried out successful joint funding to develop an underwater monitoring tool called ARHEA, or Advanced Drifter GPS Oceanography.

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