We will take a look into it one by one. We will propose mass clemency.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, has said that the government is considering granting mass pardons to prisoners with drug abuse convictions.

"Yes. We are (reviewing the decision). This has not been discussed at the cabinet (meeting) yet, but still within the level of the ministry. We are planning to give pardons massively," he informed at the Presidential Palace here on Thursday.

Pardon or clemency is granted to convicts by the President in the form of a change, relief, reduction, or abolition of punishment.

According to Mahfud, 51 percent of the total 270 thousand prisoners in the country were convicted in drug cases, and they are contributing to prison overcrowding.

He said that many of the drug convicts were trapped by their friends or by some officers in the field.

"Many of the drug users were trapped by (the lure of) their friends, by 'naughty' officers, and so on. We will take a look into it one by one. We will propose mass clemency," he said.

He added that his ministry will discuss the proposal to grant mass clemency with the Supreme Court (MA).

"That's what we are planning now," he disclosed.

Mahfud said that this would not be the first time the government grants mass pardons. President Joko Widodo once granted mass clemency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Many protests happened back then because we had to keep our distance during the COVID-19 period. We gave pardons for drug abuse convicts. Those who received pardons turned out to be okay," he said.

Mahfud stressed that the government will review the plan before granting mass clemency. The pardons are targeted to be granted before 2024 ends, he added.

"We will strive to grant the clemency before 2024 ends, but now, it is still at the ministry level. When everything is ready, we will convey it to the President for the cabinet's decision," he informed.

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