Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) encourages the use of animal feed made from local raw materials to address the feed crisis and reduce reliance on imported feed.

A researcher at the BRIN's Livestock Research Center, Rantan Krisnan, emphasized the need to explore local feed materials in each region, leveraging Indonesia's diverse feed resources.

He made this remarks during a dialogue titled "Local Livestock Feed Ready to Go Global" monitored online from Jakarta on Friday.

According to Krisnan, with feed made from local materials, Indonesia is not only pursuing food self-sufficiency, but also feed self-sufficiency.

Corn can be classified as local feed if it is sourced locally, but it becomes imported feed if it needs to be obtained from other countries, he said.

"Local feed refers to any raw material derived from Indonesia's local resources that can be efficiently utilized as livestock feed, either as a supplement, concentrate component, or basic feed," he explained.

He cited South Korea as a country that has started preparing animal feed using locally available raw materials.

South Korea is actively pursuing maggot harvesting from black soldier flies. The production has reached an industrial scale, generating tons of maggots, and an association has been established to support this effort.

Krisnan said that if local feed ingredients are explored seriously, it can help local feed to go global.

For this, sustaining the availability of local feed materials is essential. It is also necessary for local feed to be affordable, accessible, have sufficient nutrition, be easy to digest, and not harm the health of livestock.

Krisnan gave examples of commodity crop waste that can be utilized for animal feed production, including coffee skins, straw, and sugarcane bagasse.

"From the commodity crop waste that I mentioned earlier, we have main products, side products, and agro-industrial waste products generated from product processing. These all hold promise as sources of local feedstuffs," he explained.

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Translator: Sugiharto Purnama, Raka Adji
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