Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi emphasized the need to end cruelty in Gaza during a meeting with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron in London on Wednesday.

The meeting between several foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) members -- Indonesia, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria, and Turkey -- and the secretary general of the Arab League and Cameron was aimed at gathering support to resolve the crisis in Gaza.

"I conveyed that what is happening in Gaza has crossed the line and is completely unacceptable if viewed from any perspective and from any values or standards," she noted in an online press briefing on Thursday Jakarta time.

To this end, she urged that cruelty in Gaza must be ended.

Marsudi underscored the need for a permanent ceasefire and to put a halt to attacks on humanitarian facilities and civilians.

She further affirmed that what is transpiring in Gaza is a continuation of acts of injustice against the Palestinian people, a continuation of Israel's illegal occupation, and a continuation of Israel's intent to eliminate Palestine.

"The words often used by Israel that this is self-defense are only used as a pretext. Self-defense does not mean a license to kill civilians," she highlighted.

To this end, Indonesia urges the UN Security Council (UNSC), in which the UK is one of its permanent members that has veto power, to uphold moral responsibility in striving for justice and humanity.

"In the discussion with Secretary Cameron, I said that it is time for the values often expressed by Western countries regarding respect for human rights and international law to also be applied to Palestine. Indonesia hopes that the UK will side with the struggle for justice and humanity," she remarked.

The UK is one of the countries that supports Israel in its war against the Palestinian resistance group Hamas in Gaza.

The UK supports Israel's right to self-defense, which Israel used as an excuse to bombard Gaza in response to the cross-border attack launched by Hamas on October 7, 2023.

Israeli ground and air attacks have killed at least 14 thousand Palestinians in Gaza, while the death toll on Israel's side reached 1,200.

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