Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Embarking on its global journey with the #ButtonscarvesGoesGlobal initiative in early 2024, Buttonscarves introduces the Modest Fashion Exhibition in Singapore from January 18th to 28th, 2024. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Design Orchard Singapore Amphitheatre, Level 2, Buttonscarves launches a Pop-Up Installation spotlighting the latest Singapore Series collection.

The Singapore Series, an exclusive collection of scarves inspired by the beauty of Singapore and in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, offers 14 distinct color variations capturing the nation's charm. Notably, two of these colors are exclusively available at the Singapore Pop-Up Installation. Additionally, Buttonscarves also engaged in co-branding with the infamous One Dollar Ice Cream stall, showcasing a design adorned with the Buttonscarves monogram. Visitors were able to capture photos with the Buttonscarves mascot and enjoy the One Dollar Ice Cream stall from January 18th 2024 as part of the whole marketing activities.

On January 22nd, 2024, Buttonscarves invited BSLady from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, along with VIP guests and media, for an immersive experience at the Modest Fashion Exhibition. The event was graced by Linda Anggrea, CEO of Buttonscarves, and Mohamed Hafez Marican, Area Director for Indonesia at the Singapore Tourism Board.

"This marks the inaugural #ButtonscarvesGoesGlobal adventure in 2024. With the collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board for the Singapore Series and the Modest Fashion Exhibition, we aspire to introduce Buttonscarves to the Singaporean market and potentially open offline stores here," expressed Linda.

"Partnering with Buttonscarves offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase the charm and uniqueness of Singapore to a global audience. We are excited about this collaboration and look forward to the Modest Fashion Exhibition delivering a captivating and alluring experience, encouraging more individuals to discover Singapore as a Muslim-friendly destination where ordinary moments are made extraordinary," expressed Mohamed Hafez.

Buttonscarves and the Singapore Tourism Board extend a warm invitation to all fashion enthusiasts to join in celebrating the beauty and charm of Singapore through the Modest Fashion Exhibition. With exclusive collections and engaging events, Buttonscarves and the Singapore Tourism Board aim to create an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

About Buttonscarves

Founded in 2016, Buttonscarves has solidified its position as a leading Indonesian luxury lifestyle brand, specializing in a diverse range of fashion accessories such as printed scarves, bags, shoes, brooches, and prayer robes. Since 2018, the brand has successfully expanded its presence by opening offline stores in various shopping malls across Indonesia and two stores in Malaysia.

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