Jakarta (ANTARA) - No casualties in a fire and explosion at an army ammunition depot in Ciangsana, Bogor District, West Java, on Saturday evening, said Jakarta Military Commander Major General Mohamad Hasan.

"We have checked all locations within our one-kilometer perimeter and residential areas. We found no casualties," Hasan stated on Saturday.

Although some explosions from the depot reportedly occurred in large magnitude, he assured the depot security system is adequate to prevent fires from spreading outward.

"We can assure that our storage system, our depots, are very safe because the locations are in bunkers, with embankments that help dampen explosions," he said.

"We have prepared this procedure and system in such a way to ensure the situation remains safe in case of an explosion," he added.

He explained that an upward explosion might cause debris or small projectiles to fly away to larger areas, including nearby residential areas.

Hasan said that the fire was first reported at 6:05 p.m. when on-duty officers found smoke emanating from depot no. 6 in the facility.

"Officers on duty were immediately instructed to inform residents that an explosion had occurred," he stated.

Residents were told by officers on duty not to panic and report any projectiles found in their residential areas to the authorities, he added.

"The Regional Ammunition Depot stores ammunition that has expired and returned from various units," he noted.

The fire was brought under control on Sunday morning.

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