They tend to target Indonesian nationals, including those working abroad. 
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Police Commissioner General Marthinus Hukom, has urged Indonesian migrant workers to remain vigilant against overseas drug syndicates.

"They tend to target Indonesian nationals, including those working abroad. Usually, drug dealers will eye customers by visiting tourism destinations to chat with Indonesians before offering them the forbidden items they are selling," he informed in Jakarta on Monday.

He made the statement during a send-off ceremony for Indonesian migrant workers leaving for South Korea, which was held by the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI).

When abroad, Indonesian migrant workers tend to open up to any fellow Indonesian nationals they meet without first getting clear information on who they are interacting with, he observed.

He then warned Indonesian migrant workers against easily falling for offers from drug dealers abroad.

The BNN head noted that narcotics syndicates have been using migrant workers to deliver drugs from one country to another.

For that reason, he emphasized, Indonesian migrant workers should not easily accept goods from people abroad and take them to another country, including Indonesia.

"They tend to exploit our negligence. They can infiltrate items on you as you plan to return to Indonesia," he told Indonesian migrant workers.

He then urged the workers to stick to their initial goal of working abroad, that is, making money legitimately.

"Your true goal is to be the 'backbone' of your families by making money through hard work abroad. Do not let anyone alter this noble goal for their benefit," he emphasized.

He also appealed to Indonesian workers to continue to maintain harmonious relations with fellow migrant workers to protect themselves from unwanted events.

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