After arriving in Korea, don't run away. As many workers in the fishing sector ran away before; this figure is high.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) Benny Rhamdani has asked Indonesian migrant workers to do their job well and not run away from work because it would affect their future placements.

"After arriving in Korea, don't run away. As many workers in the fishing sector ran away before; this figure is high," Rhamdani said at the send-off of 85 migrant workers to South Korea here on Monday.

While speaking to the workers, who consisted of 77 fishery and eight manufacturing workers, he informed that the South Korean government has complained about Indonesian workers running away.

He said that workers who run away in their placement countries are at risk of falling victim to crimes.

He warned that if migrant workers run away from work, their status will change from legal to non-procedural or illegal. This status would make the workers more vulnerable and if they are caught, they may be fined by the local authorities.

"What I am worried about is that one day the South Korean government may get tired of this behavior and finally stop the placement, which will impact tens of thousands of workers. Just because of the actions of some, hundreds will get affected," he said.

As per BP2MI data, registrations for migrant worker placements to South Korea have crossed 62 thousand. Meanwhile, 3,654 people have been placed in South Korea in the period from January to May 6, 2024.

Earlier, the director of placements for Asia and Africa region at BP2MI, Seriulina Tarigan, told migrant workers that working in placement countries is a good opportunity that must be utilized optimally.

In particular, she asked them to take care of themselves and the nation's name, help each other, and avoid disputes.

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