Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) invited navies from 56 countries to partake in the 5th Multilateral Naval Exercise Komodo (MNEK), a non-combat drill scheduled in Bali in February 2025.

Navy Colonel Lukman Kharish emphasized that the MNEK constitutes an exercise that focuses on humanitarian assistance for disaster relief rather than a combat tactic. Hence, all countries, including those at odds with one another, can be invited.

"We hope that this exercise can bring together countries, and we want to show them that this exercise is viable and is of high value to navies," he remarked while answering ANTARA's question at the MNEK Initial Planning Conference (IPC) in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Since its first edition held in 2024, the biennial TNI AL-pioneered non-combat exercise has focused on search and rescue operations, disaster mitigation and post-disaster restorative measures, and maritime security patrols.

Kharish stated that the IPC is being held on May 28-30 to provide information relevant to the upcoming exercise that is expected to draw the participation of numerous navies, noting that 30 countries have confirmed their participation in the drill.

"It is here, at the IPC, that we invite countries and coordinate about the assets that will be used and VIPs that are planning to participate," he pointed out.

The colonel highlighted that the assets would include ships, aircraft, and other equipment to be dispatched by participating countries.

Some 36 countries, including Indonesia, participated in the earlier edition of MNEK, held in Makassar last year. On that occasion, a total of 13 countries sent their battleships to carry out a joint drill.

Kharish expressed optimism about the number of MNEK participants next year surpassing that of its previous edition owing to the intensive diplomatic measures applied by the Indonesian Navy to friendly countries.

"Many countries have stated their trust in the exercise. This leads to high enthusiasm among participants and will draw more countries to take part," he stated.

The navy officer then affirmed that the TNI AL would laud countries that send their soldiers and vessels to MNEK and would do the same when they invite Indonesia to similar international exercises.

The 56 countries invited by the TNI AL to the 5th MNEK are:

  1. The United States
  2. Australia
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Bangladesh
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Brazil
  7. Brunei Darussalam
  8. Chile
  9. China
  10. Colombia
  11. Fiji
  12. The Philippines
  13. India
  14. The United Kingdom
  15. Iraq
  16. Iran
  17. Italy
  18. Japan
  19. Germany
  20. Cambodia
  21. Canada
  22. Kenya
  23. South Korea
  24. North Korea
  25. Kazakhstan
  26. Laos
  27. Egypt
  28. Malaysia
  29. Mexico
  30. Myanmar
  31. New Zealand
  32. Nigeria
  33. New Caledonia
  34. Oman
  35. Pakistan
  36. Papua New Guinea
  37. France
  38. Peru
  39. Poland
  40. Portugal
  41. Russia
  42. Singapore
  43. South Africa
  44. Spain
  45. Sri Lanka
  46. Sweden
  47. Thailand
  48. Timor-Leste
  49. Tonga
  50. Turkey
  51. The United Arab Emirates
  52. Vanuatu
  53. Vietnam
  54. Lebanon
  55. Bahrain
  56. Kuwait
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