Bengaluru, India--(ANTARA/Business Wire)-- Entropik, a leading Human Insights company, recently announced the launch of its latest feature on the Decode and Qatalyst platforms: AI-Generated Reports.

Historically, the market research and insights industry relied on identifying deep findings with basic consumer inputs. These inputs were usually hidden deep within interviews and survey data, and took 2-3 weeks to mine manually. However, the newly launched AI-Generated Reports allows customers to use Generative AI to mine hidden insights and transform them into presentation-ready reports with clear visualizations and in-depth analysis.

This enables brands to quickly understand consumer and user behaviour trends, enabling astute decision-making.

“Traditional reporting methods in market research are often time-consuming and labor-intensive,” said Ranjan Kumar, CEO of Entropik. “We’re thrilled to introduce our new AI-Generated Reports feature which drastically reduces these burdens by delivering high-quality, insightful reports with remarkable speed and accuracy, empowering researchers to make data-driven decisions more efficiently.”

The AI-Generated Reports feature offers:

Effortless Reporting with Three Options:

     • Create from Scratch: Maintain complete control over design and content by selecting templates, uploading custom images, and tailoring reports to specific needs.
     • Create with AI, Starting with Media: Streamline report generation by choosing media from your study, generating an outline with customizable titles and themes.
     • Create with AI, Starting with a Prompt: Generate reports by entering a desired prompt or research objective, or by choosing from sample prompts.

Enhanced Collaboration and Security:

AI-Generated Reports offer additional functionalities such as:

     • Presentation View: Present reports directly from the Decode and Qatalyst platforms, ensuring an efficient flow of information.
     • Shareable Reports: Share reports with teams through links for instant access.
     • Data Encryption: Add an extra layer of security by encrypting reports for sensitive data protection.
     • Downloadable Reports: Maintain offline access by downloading the report in a PPT format.

About Entropik

Entropik, a premier Human Insights AI company, focused on consumer and user research while offering standalone tech solutions. Our technology stack includes Emotion AI, Behavior AI, Predictive AI, and Generative AI, catering to 150+ global clients across diverse sectors. With 17 global patent claims in Multimodal Emotion AI and accolades like the Amazon AI Award 2018, we're recognized by Gartner as one of India's 'Top 5 Cool Vendors in AI'. Visit us at to learn more.

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