Ternate Typical Batik Promoted In Expo 2011

Ternate Typical Batik Promoted In Expo 2011

Ternate typical batik fabrics. (istimewa)

Ternate, North Maluku (ANTARA News) - Ternate typical batik fabrics in North Maluku will start to be promoted in Batik Expo 2011 in a bid to introduce the characteristics of this region.

"It is part of our efforts to introduce various potentials that we have through Batik Expo 2011," fair organizer Ruhani Malik said here on Monday.

He said the promotion of Ternate typical batik fabrics through Batik Expo 2011 would take place this week at Jatiland Mall in the city of Ternate.

With a variety of art exhibitions, Ruhani said the batik fair was expected to inspire various parties of the development of various characteristics possessed by the region.

Besides, the Batik Expo 2011 is also expected to be a special attraction for all public elements in the region to love local typical products being developed nowadays.

"Honestly speaking that such an expo is rarely organized by business makers here, and therefore the local people this time are expected to get familiar with the local typical batik that we are going to promote," Ruhani said.

He said the prices of the high quality batik were affordable because it would range from Rp50,000 to Rp200,000 per piece.

The Expo 2011 in Ternate will introduce typical local batik in addition to batik Solo and batik Yogyakarta.