Yudhoyono talks about importance of self-control

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on all Indonesian stake holders to exercise sound self-control to enable them to get rid of illegal acts.

"The president cannot do anything what it wants. The same applies to all those in power because we all cannot do whatever we want. That`s why self control is important," he said.

Speaking at a function commemorating the 40th anniversary of Indonesia`s leading news magazine, Tempo, here Wednesday evening, he said the press was part of the country`s stake holders.

In this context, media people need also exercise self control, President Yudhoyono said adding that an old theory underlined the importance of "checks and balances".

"We are reminded of an old and broader theory, `checks and balances`. We all understand that power is not allowed without checks. Then, we also hear about norms and ethics, like how power is exercised," he said.

If all stake holders could control themselves and play their roles proportionally, there would be a sound balance, he said.

"I thank God. As a result of our amended constitution, the power that a president have is no longer so strong that, and God willing, whoever the president is, he or she will not be tempted to abuse their power," he said.

In other part of his remarks, President Yudhoyono also touched on an ideal relationship between the media and the government.

The head of state believed that the relationship should not be based on a condition that made the two parties press each other.

Instead, the two parties` relationship was expected to complete each other and encourage people to gain progress.

The function was attended by a number of cabinet members and important figures from various professional backgrounds. (*)

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