22 illegal immigrants sent to Pekanbaru detention center

Jambi (ANTARA News) - A total of 22 illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq processed by the Jambi immigration office will be sent to the Pekanbaru immigration detention center.

Head of the Jambi Immigration Office Mat Salim said here Tuesday he has processed the 22 illegal immigrants who have been held by the Jambi Police Office on Sunday.

"We have processed and today the 22 illegal immigrants will be sent to the Pekanbaru detention center," he said.

He said the illegal immigrants wished to seek and asked for protection or political asylum from Australia, because a war is going on in their country.

Then the Pekanbaru immigration will hand them to the organization handling the immigrants, who will be repatriated or proceed to their destination where they wished to become Australian citizens.

The immigrants are handled humanly, unlike the foreigners who have no immigration papers and who have committed a crime.

They are only processed administratively, and then handed to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) handling the asylum seeking immigrants.

The same way of handling was also given three months before that of 31 illegal immigrants from the same countries.

The illegal immigrants are Ali (17), M Ali (22) and Abas (23) from Iraq, Mehdi (30), Adnan Husan (18), Aziz (18), Eid Muhamad (32), Weli (30), Manzor Husien (17),Arief Husin (29), Hamidulah (24), Samad (19), Zahid Husen (22), Sayed Amin Husen (20), and Jamsid Ali (20) from Afganistan, and those from Pakistan were Muhamad Hasan (60), Abas (23), Ajib Husain (20), Nazir Husen (17), Muhamad Zaki (30), Jan Agha (19), and Yusuf Ali (26).