BNN takes in female drug courier deported by China

BNN takes in female drug courier deported by China

(ANTARA/M. Agung Rajasa)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has taken over the case of a pregnant Indonesian woman who was caught carrying heroin at Xiaoshan airport, Hangzhou, China, last February 1, a BNN official said.

The Chinese authorities had decided to deport the woman, identified by her initials as FMD, as under Chinese law an expecting woman cannot be criminally prosecuted, said Brig Gen Benny Mamoto, BNN`s director for eradication and pursuits, said here Thursday.

FMD who was five months pregnant had tried to smuggle 544,51 grams of heroin hidden in sanitary napkins into China.

The Chinese authorities had sent FMD to Indonesia but retained most of the heroin confiscated from her. "We only received 10 grams of the drug to serve as evidence and for other purposes," Benny said.

The Indonesian woman had been made to act as a drug courier by her Nigerian boy friend who had previously made her pregnant and told her the sanitary napkins contained gold ore.

"Because FMD is an Indonesian citizen we agreed to accept her and process her case legally in Indonesia," Benny said.

Of the 10 grams of heroin received from the Chinse authorities, one gram would be used as evidence in court, and another gram for educational or training and scientific purposes while the remainder would be destroyed, he said.