Florencia, Colombia (ANTARA News/AFP) - The Colombian army said Wednesday said it has no plans to launch an attempt to rescue French journalist Romeo Langlois, who was reported captured by FARC rebels.

"We will do nothing that could risk Romeo`s life," Colonel Jamil Gutierrez, commander of a counter-drug brigade, told AFP, adding that security forces continued to make "every effort" to find him.

Langlois, a 35-year-old reporter for global television network France 24, went missing in the area of Florencia, 600 kilometers (370 miles) south of Bogota, after a firefight Saturday between security forces and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Army General Javier Rey told AFP the military was going to meet with the International Committee of the Red Cross to see how Langlois` release might be arranged. The Red Cross in the past has facilitated hostage releases.

"All journalists around the world must come together to demand his release," the general told AFP.

President Juan Manuel Santos said Monday there were "very clear signs" that Langlois -- who reportedly suffered a bullet wound to his left arm -- was kidnapped during the gun battle, while a woman claiming to represent the FARC said Tuesday he was being held as a "prisoner of war."

Military officials have said that after being wounded, Langlois shed his bullet-proof vest and military helmet and surrendered to the rebels, identifying himself as a civilian journalist.

FARC rebels have yet to publish a statement confirming the journalist`s kidnapping on the websites they usually use for such purposes. (*)

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