FOREX CLUB: "Our Recommendation to Investors is to Distribute Their Funds Between US Dollars, Euros

MOSCOW, August 20, 2012 (ANTARA/PRNewswire) --

     * FOREX CLUB took part in a macro economics conference in Tomsk, Russian Federation
     * The company's Head of Research, Andrey Dirgin, was the moderator and a keynote speaker (His speech: "The Ruble Rate and Investment Opportunities")

     Andrey Dirgin, Head of Research with FOREX CLUB Group of Companies, was moderator and speaker at the event, 2012 - Investments in the Context of Economic Instability: Regional Aspects, in Tomsk, Russian Federation.  In his speech he highlighted the following macroeconomic trends:

     * the global economy is growing slowly, while the "PIGS" countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) are moving towards financial disaster
     * the Russian economy continues suffering from capital outflow that has now amounted to 55 billion Rubles in the first six months of 2012[1]
     * there is a high demand for cash currency within the Russia Federation.  The government's Central Bank intention to switch to a floating foreign exchange rate may weaken the Ruble, potentially causing it to lose up to 30%[2] of its value.

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     Bearing this in mind Andrey Dirgin made the following forecasts about the dynamics of the foreign exchange markets for Autumn 2012:

     * given the current oil prices, the fair price of the US Dollar should be RUB 29.30
     * by the end of September the US Dollar in Russia will cost RUB 30.25
     * conversion of funds into US Dollar assets will put pressure on the Ruble rate.

     In view of the current situation, Andrey Dirgin gave recommendations to investors:

     * diversify investments, search new instruments for investment and capital maintenance
     * funds are best distributed between dollars, euros and rubles at 30/30/40  
     * anticipate the Euro falling behind the currency dynamics in the Russia Federation compared to the global trading floors, and increase the share of Euros in personal investment portfolios before quotations increase
     * regarding Russian Federation shares, consider investing in Gazprom, and privileged shares of Sberbank, as well as Magnit and Transneft.

     Investors should pay special attention to various investment products. Among them are investment accounts offered by FOREX CLUB Group of Companies. This solution represents a special financial account for operations in the global forex market that enables an investor' funds to be under trust management by a successful trader without physically transferring the money to the trader's account.  Investment accounts therefore enable investors not only to convert their funds to a foreign currency at no extra cost, but also to make a profit independent of the situation in the foreign exchange markets.

     Among other participants of the macro economics even were: Evgeniy Babushkin - VTB Bank Tomsk Branch Manager, Larisa Grinkevich - Director of Higher School of Business at Tomsk State University, Andrey Saldin - Director of Limited Liability Company MBB-AUDIT-TOMSK, as well as a number of representatives of regional financial organisations, leading local media, and investors community.

     Notes to Editors

     Andrey Dirgin graduated from the Department of International Law, Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), and the Diplomatic Academy of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a specialist in international economic relations. In 2005-2006, he held the position of Leading Analyst in the preparation of a number of studies in the United Nations Organization. From 2007 to 2008, Mr Dirgin worked as Senior Analyst at the investment division of IFC Metropol; from 2008 to 2009, he was Leading Expert on Global Markets in IC BrokerCreditService. In 2010, he joined the FOREX CLUB Group of Companies. He specialises in macro-economics in the Russian Federation and the United States, metals, oil, currency and stock markets.

     Andrey Dirgin's biography in pdf format.

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     1. Source: RF Ministry of Finance

     2. Source: RF Ministry of Finance

Source: Forex Club

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