We have asked all tourists and fishermen to stay away from the volcano...
Anyer, Banten (ANTARA News) - Mount Anak Krakatau in the Sunda Strait is still on level II alert, according to an observation officer.

"We have asked all tourists and fishermen to stay away from the volcano because it could endanger the safety of their lives," Mount Anak Krakatau Observation Post officer Jumono said on Friday.

The Centre for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Bandung has determined that Anak Krakatau should be on level II or alert status, he added.

The agency has urged people, be it fishermen, hikers or visitors, to not go anywhere within a one-kilometre radius of the volcano`s crater.

The falling debris as a result of any volcanic activity there could cause death, Jumono stated.

There is not much seismic activity at present, but the volcano is still on alert level, so it`s best to remain careful, he added.

Seismic activities at Mount Anak Krakatau include volcanic earthquakes, tremors and ash clouds, but on relatively small scale, Jumono noted.

Besides, he pointed out, the volcano`s activity had never triggered tsunami warnings.

"Therefore, we have asked coastal communities and fishermen to be calm and resume their daily activities," Jumono explained.

According to initial reports, the coastal communities in Anyer and Carita sub-districts, situated about 42 kilometres away from Mount Anak Krakatau, are continuing their daily activities.

Communities and fishermen living in the coastal areas of Banten province said they were not panicking about the possibility of volcanic activity in Mount Anak Krakatau.

"We`re used to it because it happens almost every year," said Sukur, a resident of Pasauran, Cikoneng, Serang.

Editor: Ella Syafputri
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