NTT Governor flies into Adonara war zone

NTT Governor flies into Adonara war zone

Frans Lebu Raya. (ANTARA)

Kupang (ANTARA News) - East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Governor Frans Lebu Raya flew into the inter-village conflict zone in Adonara, Flores Timur district on Monday to meet the warring parties and find the best possible solution to the problem.

Before flying into Adonara, the governor had sent five men of Adonara origin in Kupang to to Adonara to mediate between the residents of Lewonara and Lewobunga villages.

The tensions between the residents of the two villages in the Flores Timur district erupted into violence last Tuesday after one side attacked the other and set fire to a number of houses and granaries.

The conflict erupted when the residents of Lewobunga village were accused of selling the traditional land of Lewonara residents for a settlement area of local transmigration.

This infuriated the Lewonara residents who asked Flores Timur district head Yoseph Lagadoni Herin not to inaugurate the settlement area because the land was being disputed by the two villages.

Herin ignored the call and the decision led to bloody violence that has since claimed two lives and left many houses and kiosks of Lewobunga villagers destroyed after they were set on fire by Lewonara villagers.

Governor Lebu Raya will meet with King Diah, an influential regional figure, in Terong to discuss ways to end the conflict. The governor will also meet with the local community figures of the two villages and appeal for a ceasefire.

Governor Raya has asked both parties to end the violence and accept the help of Flores Timur district head Yoseph Lagadoni Herin to improve the situation.