The Doha Rounds have been going on for 12 years and it would not work if the final agreement is not made here in Bali."
Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) - Multilateral trade is bound to fail if there is no agreement reached at during the ninth World Trade Organizations (WTO) Ministerial Conference held in Bali, Indonesia.

"Multilateral trade will be vulnerable if there are no agreements made during the meeting and the WTOs policies are questioned," Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan said during a press conference on Monday.

Moreover, after 12 years of the Doha rounds not resulting in anything, the WTOs member countries are expected to reach an agreement in Bali this time, Gita added.

"The Doha Rounds have been going on for 12 years and it would not work if the final agreement is not made here in Bali," said Gita.

Gita further stated that so far there had been countries, whose agreements should have been resolved without prior approval, but there was also an agreement that states must do so as a whole.

Indonesia as the events host is obliged to bridge the interests of the poor, developing and developed countries through the Bali Package, which contains three main issues.

"The Least Developed Countries bargaining issue has been agreed upon by 159 member countries," said Gita.

Indonesia will push for one of the points agreed upon in the Bali Package if the ninth WTO Ministerial Meeting faces another deadlock. The Bali Package contains several points in the favor of Trade Facilitation, Agriculture and the Least Developing Countries.

Some things that have been agreed upon the Least Developed Countries negotiations during the WTO General Council in Geneva include Simplified Rules of Origin, Waiver Services, Duty Free Quota Free and Market Access to Cotton.

Heavier negotiations are still going on to finish the whole Bali Package. But the points on agriculture and trade facilitation are still need to be deliberated upon.

Under these conditions, the negotiations for the Bali package settlement proposals must have been completed in Geneva, and in the end brought to Bali so that a decision by 159 ministers can be taken.

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