No mosque or church was destroyed in the clash. The news was false."
Sentani (ANTARA News) - The Papua Regional Military Commander Mayor General Christian Zebua appealed to the Sentani citizens to stay calm and not be provoked by people who triggered riots on April 20, 2014, in Sorong, West Papua Province.

"We have advised all the citizens in Sorong to not be provoked by the problem that occurred in Sorong, and it was not a religious or tribal conflict. It was rather a personal conflict between a drunk person who lashed out at people returning from the mosque," Commander of Cendrawasih Regional Military XVII, Christian, informed in an interview to ANTARA News here on Tuesday.

He also requested the people to show restraint and monitor the security.

"I have received a brief message that contains very provocative news, and it is all false," Christian pointed out.

The Commander hoped that the people will not relate the short message to the personal clash, while the police is still investigating and tracing the culprits.

"No mosque or church was destroyed in the clash. The news was false," Christian asserted.

The Commander also urged the media to act responsibly, so that the people get to know the true facts behind what occurred in Sorong.

"We hoped the incident will not disrupt the Sail Raja Ampat event, which is being organized in West Papua. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is also scheduled to be part of the event in Raja Ampat," Christian remarked, adding that the clash had no connection with the Sail Raja Ampat event.

He called on the people in the West Papua Province to maintain law and order.

The incident occurred due to criminal acts that triggered a clash in Sorong City. Several police and Indonesian Military personnel also suffered injuries after being hit by rocks and arrows as they were trying to enforce law and order.

According to a report received from the location, a soldier of the Indonesian Military suffered injury after being hit by an arrow. The Chief of Sorong Resort Police was also wounded after being struck by a stone, while attempting to gain control of the situation in Yohan shopping center, Sorong.




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