The question is not settled with verbal explanation by the minister about the letter being existent..."
Pontianak, West Kaliman (ANTARA News) - Minister for state enterprises Dahlan Iskan was urged to explain to the public report about PT Pertaminas stake in PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) would be taken over by PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN).

Pertamina is state oil and gas company and PGN is a state owned gas distributor and Pertagas is a gas company, wholly owned by Pertamina.

"Dahlan Iskan should explain to the public about a letter sent to the board of director of Pertamina issued by the minister of state enterprises No. SR-295/MBU/2014 on 07 May 2014 on the share takeover as it is already widely known to the public in general," said Director of the Public Policy Study Center (Puskepi) Sofyano Zakaria said in a statement received by Antara here on Monday night.

Earlier that day Dahlan Iskan, told reporters that the takeover suggestion was only a bluff and that there was no letter to order the share takeover.

Sofyano said if Dahlan Iskan said that there was no such letter, then the letter is a fake and the ministry should file an official report to police for investigation.

"The question is not settled with verbal explanation by the minister about the letter being existent or not existent as the letter already caused problem among the workers of Pertamina, therefore, it should be seriously addressed by the government not only by the minister of state enterprises," he said.

He said from the explanation of the minister in front of the journalists indicates that the letter did exist.

He said the minister told reporters that the plan was merely a bluff because Pertagas and PGN could not get along with each other in gas business and the letter has triggered reaction from the workers of Pertamina.

He said the letter of the minister on 7 May, 2014, had drawn strong protest from Pertamina Labor Union and the protest had been published by the mass media.

The reports must have had impact on the prices of the shares of the publicly traded PGN , he said.

The price of the PGN shares could rise or fall and there would be parties hurt and it is very likely PGN itself would be hurt which would mean also hurt the government as a 60 percent owner of the company , he said.

"The statement of the minister at Four Season Hotel today in front of journalists could be used by the law enforcers to trace back "who issued the false letter, and who certainly had falsified the signature of the minister," Sofyano said.

In addition the Financial Service Organization (OJK) should look into this matter in line with the regulation if the case has impact on the share market especially on PGN share price, he added. .

"But if the letter did exist with the signature of Dahlan Iskan, the minister should officially cancel that letter to cool down the uproar ," he said.

He said the ministry of state enterprises should deal properly with the fact that two state companies are operating in the gas sector.

Pertagas could be assigned to operate in the upstream sector and and PGN plays in the downstream sector that there would be no bias and overlapping, he said.

"Operations in the upstream would face high risks. I am in favor of Pertamina selling its gas directly to the consumers without dealing with a third party that it could earn the full profit. Pertamina does not need to deal with brokers or other traders for whcih support from the government is necessary," he said.

President of Confederation of Indonesian Oil and Gas Trade Union (KSPMI) Faisal Yusra threw its support for the plan of Pertamina workers (FSPPB) demanding stoppage of sales of gas to PGN and that the gas should be sold directly to the end consumers.

"The price to be paid by the end consumers would be cheaper as there would be no transfer price. FSPPB should take industrial action to bring it to reality," Faisal said.

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