The pilgrims should balance their schedule between worship and rest."
Makkah, Saudi Arabia (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Ambassador for Saudi Arabia Abdurrahman Muhammad Fachir appealed to the Hajj pilgrimage participants to maintain health during their visit to the country.

"The pilgrims should balance their schedule between worship and rest," Fachir stated here during his visit to Makkah.

The ambassador noted that the participants should balance their schedule to remain healthy to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

Fachir observed that the Hajj pilgrimage for Indonesian people in Makkah is visiting the Indonesian Hajj Center of Makkah and welcoming the pilgrims from Bekasi District in Rawahell Hotel, Makkah.

The ambassador also stated that an Indonesian Hajj Clinic has been established to monitor the pilgrims and a Shalawat Bus has been arranged for transportation to Masjidil Haram area.

Earlier, Fachir had stated that preparations for Hajj pilgrimage had been made in Jeddah and Madinah cities.

The ambassador was accompanied by Jeddah Consulate General Darmakirti Syailendra and Makkah Daker Chief Endang Jumali.

Fachir appealed to the participants to follow the instructions from the officers and chairman of entourage to have a safe pilgrimage.

He also urged the participants to always carry identity card and hotel address with them.

The ambassador added that there have been at least 40 cases of Hajj pilgrims getting lost in Madinah city.

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