Interfaith leaders support anti-graft body in Budi Gunawan's case

"We have come here to offer support to the KPK in carrying out its mission, both in preventing crimes and in executing the trial," Abdul Malik Al Madani of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Several interfaith leaders have expressed support to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), which is investigating the alleged bribes accepted by suspect Commissioner General Budi Gunawan through suspicious transactions.

"We have come here to offer support to the KPK in carrying out its mission, both in preventing crimes and in executing the trial," Abdul Malik Al Madani of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the countrys largest Muslim organization, stated here on Monday.

He said interfaith leaders have proposed that the KPK should be prompt in naming and trying the suspect. It should not protract.

Abdul Malik arrived at the KPK building accompanied by General Chairman of the Indonesian Communion of Churches (PGI) Henriette Tabita Hutabarat Lebang, Executive Secretary of the Indonesian Bishop Conference (KWI) Father Y.R. Edy Purwanto, Suhadi Sendjaja of the Indonesian Buddhists Association (Walubi), and the representative of the Hindu Religious Council (PHDI) Yanto Jaya.

The KPK leaders Abraham Samad, Bambang Widjojanto, and Zulkarnain were present to receive them.

"We also hope that the related parties such as the police will cooperate and provide wide access to the KPK in accelerating the completion of the case and in cleaning the police institution of corruption," Malik added.

In the meantime, Hendriette emphasized that public officials must be clean.

"We support the government in communicating with the KPK before it assigned a public official. It would convince the people that the elected leader had serious intentions to develop the nation," he remarked.

Father R.Y. Edy Purwanto hoped that no parties will try to impede the efforts of the KPK in carrying out its investigation.

Walubi representative Suhadi Sendjaja noted that the interfaith leaders aimed to build the nations morality.

"The development of the Buddhist adherents should start from within themselves. Yanto Jaya of the PHDI asked that the KPK should work towards completing not only the on-going cases but also other cases," he affirmed.

"We hope the KPK would soon take all suspects to the court trials," he said.

On Saturday, the interfaith leaders urged President Joko Widodo to not merely postpone the inauguration of Budi Gunawan as the national police chief but to also cancel it as he was named a suspect in an alleged corruption case.

"We urge the president to not just postpone his plan to inaugurate Budi Gunawan as the national police chief but to cancel it altogether," Catholic leader Romo Y. R. Edy Purwanto stated here on Saturday.

He remarked that on this instance, the commitment of President Jokowi, as he is popularly known, was being tested.

Hoping that the president would take the correct decision, Purwanto made the remarks at a forum, which was attended by Muslim figure K. H. Masdar Masudi, Hindu figure Nyoman Udayana, Catholic leader Romo (Father) Benny Susetyo, Protestant Christian priest Henriette Hutabarat Lebang, Catholic figure Romo Frans Mangis Suseno, Protestant Christian leader Gomar Gultom Rumadi, and Ahmad of the Wahid Institute.

Purwanto stated that the interfaith leaders lauded Jokowis decision to postpone Gunawans inauguration, but it was not sufficient.

Romo Benny Susetyo believes that the postponement was a measure adopted by the president to address the political chaos, but the matter will still need a more significant follow-up decision.

He pointed out that the president should take immediate steps to serve the interests of the people, even if he is facing pressure from political parties, the parliament, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), and his supporters.

In addition, Muslim figure Masdar Masudi noted that an institution of law enforcement should be led by a person with a clean track record, so that he or she can carry out his or her tasks effectively.

"It is impossible to clean dirt using dirty means. An institution of law enforcement must have strong principles of transparency," he affirmed.

He also expressed support for the KPK to immediately follow up on the alleged corruption case and soon resolve the case legally.

Furthermore, Director of Nusantara Madani Institute Nanat Fatah Natsir praised President Joko Widodos decision to postpone the inauguration of Commissioner General Budi Gunawan as the countrys national police chief.

"The presidents decision to postpone the inauguration of Budi Gunawan is very wise and correct. He has understood the aspirations of the people," Natsir remarked in a text message to Antara on Saturday.

Natsir, who is also the presidium chairman of the Indonesian Muslims Intellectuals (ICMI), stressed that by deciding to postpone the inauguration of Guanawan, Jokowi had passed a very difficult test.

Regarding former national police chief Sutarman, who has been relieved of his post, Natsir affirmed that he was an honest, successful police officer who was able to demonstrate his authority.

"Sutarman had the courage to say no to an order that was against the law," he stated.

At a press conference on Friday night, President Joko Widodo announced his decision to postpone the induction of Gunawan as the police chief.

"I have decided to postpone it. But it is not cancelled. You have to remember that," he emphasized.

During the press conference, the president also revealed his decision to honorably discharge Sutarman from his post as the police chief. He had added that he had assigned Commissioner General Badrodin Haiti as the acting police chief to temporarily fill the position.

Earlier, Commission III of the House of Representatives had conducted a fit and proper test on Budi Gunawan and had agreed to his nomination for the post of the national police chief.

The KPK named Gunawan as a suspect in an alleged bribery case.(*)