Indonesia explores cooperation with Poland in electricity, transportation sectors

Alstom is interested in cooperating with Indonesia as part of its global support chain."
London (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian delegation explored cooperation with Poland by visiting Alstom Power factory in Elblag City, North Poland, which has a turbine manufacturing plant, cast iron and steel foundries, and an information and technology center.

The factory, which is more than 150 years old, is one of the oldest train and tram manufacturing facilities in Poland, Indonesian Counselor at the Indonesian Embassy in Poland Roos Diana Iskandar noted in a press statement received by ANTARA News here on Wednesday.

According to Iskandar, some small-size turbines manufactured by Alstom are considered to be in accordance with Indonesias requirements.

"Alstom is interested in cooperating with Indonesia as part of its global support chain," Iskandar revealed.

She added that Alstom Power is not only willing to participate in the construction of an electricity network in Indonesia but will also provide education and training to Indonesian engineers and students in the form of vocational training.

Indonesian Ambassador to Poland Peter F. Gontha stated that the advanced technology pioneered by the Polish factory can be a good reason for Indonesia to cooperate with Alstom.

"The company has a good reputation in the world," Gontha pointed out.

The Indonesian delegation also visited Alstom Railway in Chorz'w City.

Alstrom Railway is a leading manufacturer of competitively priced urban transportation systems and offers solutions to the public transportation system problems faced in big cities.

Alstom Railway has manufactured trains and trams for European cities such as Amsterdam, Istanbul, Budapest, and Warsaw.

President of Alstom Leslaw Kuzaj stated that the company is ready to cooperate with Indonesia in the fields of electricity and building railway and train systems as well as improving the capacity of human resources and spare parts at par with international standards.

Axonis Light Metro System is one of Alstoms production lines that is suitable for Indonesia and is safe and comfortable, and it can be built within three to four years.

"This system is efficient for operations and maintenance and does not need vast areas of land and is able to carry two to five carriages, with a capacity of 10 to 45 thousand people per hour," Iskandar revealed.

Axonis system is considered suitable to serve the route between the Soekarno Hatta airport and the town, which will then be integrated with one of the train stations in the city center, she added.