Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The South Jakarta Immigration Office has arrested 32 foreign workers at PT Huawei Services on Friday.

"We are going to investigate these 32 foreigners thoroughly," the Director of Enforcement and Supervision of the Directorate General of Immigration of the Ministry of Human Rights and Justice, Yurod Saleh, said here on Monday.

He said 12 of the 32 foreigners had no immigration documents, 20 failed to show their passport or other travel document or a temporary stay permit.

Nine of the 12 foreigners were from China, one was from Hong Kong, one from Malaysia and one from the Philippines, he added.

Seven of the 20 other foreigners were from China and one was from India who had passports but only a stay permit for a visit while four others from China and India had limited stay permits. One foreigner from China had a passport and had formerly held a limited stay permit while seven others from China were holding a limited stay permit.

Yusrod said the immigration officials have asked PT Huawei Services personnel manager Dany K Ristandi to write an official statement with a stamp on it, expressing his readiness to bring the 12 foreigners, who failed to show documents, for questioning at the South Jakarta Immigration Office on Monday.

The immigration office has also asked the other 20 to present themselves for questioning.

"The immigration office has detained them temporarily for the purpose of questioning them regarding their stay and activities in Huawwei," he said.

Yusrod said his office would take firm action against foreigners found to have no immigration documents in line with Article 71, and in conjunction with Article 116 and Article 75 Paragraph (1), that carries the punishment of deportation for violators.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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