Batan has 2,841 employees, but only 21 percent are under the age of 40."
Bandung (ANTARA News) - Indonesias National Nuclear Power Agency (Batan) is in need of new human resources to give a boost to research and development in the nuclear power sector.

The head of Batan, Prof Dr Djarot Sulistyo, said here on Monday that the average age of a researcher working in Batan is about 48 years, and the sector will be better served if younger talent was to be inducted.

"This average age is not ideal and we urgently need to enroll new talent as researchers. We expect that more young researchers would join in the future," Sulistyo noted.

Sulistyo explained, Batan certainly needs young and new researchers. Research on nuclear sector is necessary for the countrys development in the future, he added.

The Batans researchers in Reactor Triga, located along the Taman Sari road, Bandung, have an average age of 50 years.

"Batan has 2,841 employees, but only 21 percent are under the age of 40. We hope the government sanctions new recruitment," said Sulistyo.

The government policy to suspend recruitment of public servants has had a dire impact on these institutions that are responsible for nuclear development and research. Studies, education and practical utilization of the agencys talent for community welfare are being affected.

"Can you imagine that every year, around 180 employees are working past their retirement age? If public servant recruitment remains suspended for even longer, obviously Batan would run out of all employees in 10 years," he explained.

Moreover, Batans research in the nuclear sector is needed to support every government program, including the agricultural sector.

"Nuclear R & D is expected to regenerate the countrys economy. Atomic research in Indonesia dates back more than half a century, and the country must take care of the sector in the same spirit," Sulistyo said.

(Reported by Syarif Abdullah/Uu.R029/INE/KR-BSR/A014)

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