Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia must enhance national capability in the nuclear power sector to bolster nuclear energy research and development, member of the National Research and Innovation Agency's (BRIN) steering committee, Emil Salim, has said.

"Nuclear power technology needs particular skills, expertise, and capability. I wonder if Indonesia's nuclear capability in 2024 and 2026 would remain to catch up to the global standard and not lag behind in the matter of skills," Salim said in a written statement received by ANTARA in Jakarta on Monday.

Indonesian scientists must continue building the nation's capability in nuclear power technology in line with the current global technology development and trend, he added.

Some factors that need to be considered in the development of nuclear energy in Indonesia are funding, time, human resources capability, and cultural and security factors, he said.

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"Indonesia is a developing country, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further restricted our financial conditions, either for short- or long-term development and innovation. As the financial factor is vital, we also need to compare the cost of developing nuclear energy with other energy sources," the former advisory council member added.

He also pointed out that cultural and safety factors, including nuclear waste management, must also be considered for future nuclear technology development in Indonesia.

"Nuclear power is a high-risk technology; hence, sophisticated skills are a must because safety must be prioritized," Salim remarked.

The steering committee member reiterated BRIN's commitment to resolving environmental and climate change issues by supporting the 2060 net-zero emissions target and seeking sustainable energy sources for Indonesia's electricity in the future.

The research agency, through the Nuclear Power Research Organization, will continue nuclear energy research to build a nuclear power plant domestically, he said.
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