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IWATA, Japan, Dec. 15 (Antara/Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet) --

- Unveils New Medium-term Business Plan by 2018 -

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled on December 15 its new medium-term business plan for the three-year period starting in 2016, under which the company aims to increase the earning power of its existing businesses, expand capital investment, increase dividends and secure a more stable financial foundation. The plan targets net sales of two trillion yen and an operating income ratio of 10 percent by 2018, as well as furthering Yamaha Motor's history of achieving milestones in the fields of motorcycles, personal vehicles, marine products and more.

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The plan calls for the creation of a more stable financial foundation, including an equity ratio of 42.5 percent, ROE of 15 percent, dividend payout ratio of 30 percent and earnings per share of at least 300 yen. Yamaha Motor will invest 130 billion yen in new growth strategies, aiming to generate a receivable balance of 300 billion yen from its financing subsidiaries, especially in North America.

Over the next three years, Yamaha Motor plans to launch 270 new models. The models will feature increased product competitiveness incorporating new concepts, technologies that excite customers and inspire their trust, more refined designs and more innovative marketing. The company also aims to lower its cost of materials by five percent.

To support the ongoing global expansion and development of its operations, Yamaha Motor will focus on nurturing human resources who fully embrace the unique YAMAHA brand. Workforce diversity will be expanded with more locally hired personnel and female managers.

Yamaha Motor's business plan targets growth in four promising categories - personal mobility, the three-trillion-yen global marine market, solutions business and the development of fundamental technologies. To maximize growth, the plan strategically focuses on business that enhances consumer lifestyles, enables consumers to enjoy personal mobility, and delivers innovative technologies that harmoniously meet the needs of people, the earth and society.

Source: Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

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