TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jan. 20, 2016 (Antara/PRNewswire) -- Genie Networks, a leader in traffic visibility and DDoS protection solutions, today announced that BIGLOBE, one of the leading Internet service providers (ISPs) in Japan, has chosen Genie Networks' GenieATM-VM solution to strengthen its new managed cloud-based traffic visibility and DDoS detection service, BIGLOBE Flow Analysis Platform.

BIGLOBE Flow Analysis Platform is a cloud-based traffic visibility and anomaly detection offering, which delivers the power and values of GenieATM-VM to BIGLOBE's customers with the cost and management benefits of the cloud. The BIGLOBE Flow Analysis Platform service offers around-the-clock traffic visibility, on-line troubleshooting capability and traffic anomaly notifications. The traffic visibility can assist clients' decision making from the engineering level to the marketing level, such as in network capacity planning, peering arrangement, data center relocation and so on. With GenieATM's anomaly detection capability, a client can get notified about traffic anomalies and then troubleshoot its own network with a cloud-based analytic tool. The notification and access to the tools via a real-time Web portal provides insights for customer network administrators to understand and mitigate the potential threats to their own networks.

Flow Analysis Platform is a cloud-based service and hence its operation is easy. Without the hassle of managing an on-premise system, BIGLOBE Flow Platform customers can gain its own network traffic visibility and DDoS detection at an affordable monthly subscription price.

Genie Teams Up with BIGLOBE for Best Value Services

"BIGLOBE has been a leading provider of internet connectivity services in Japan for a long time. Genie products have helped us greatly over the past years to operate our global network," said Noriyuki Kishikawa, Senior Vice President of BIGLOBE. "With the risks of DDoS increasing, we noticed that not all providers had a solution to deal with them. BIGLOBE is now proud to partner with Genie Networks to provide a service that allows providers to protect their network from DDoS attacks and to plan their network growth providing deep insight into traffic data. Small and mid-sized providers will benefit greatly from this cloud-based solution. We hope to work more closely together with Genie Networks and provide services that will truly satisfy our customers' needs."

"We are honored that the virtual model of GenieATM, our flagship network traffic visibility and DDoS security solution, can power the traffic visibility and security for the Flow Analysis Platform offered by BIGLOBE," said Denis, chief executive officer of Genie Networks. "I am very pleased to achieve this key milestone after years of serving BIGLOBE as one of our key customers. Many ISPs are now looking to provide cloud-based managed services for better flexibility, scalability and cost optimization to their customers.GenieATM can offer the same traffic analysis and DDoS security functions in both hardware and virtual appliances. We will continue to strengthen our technical development to provide traffic visibility and DDoS security in a legacy IP, cloud, as well as SDN environments."

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