OIC gathering should do more than issue a declaration

"(A mere) Declaration is not enough," said a political observer of Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University (UIN), Ali Munhanif.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Results of the 5th Organization of Islamic Cooperation Extraordinary Summit should yield some tangible and measurable step to help liberate Palestine, instead of only issuing a declaration, an observer has stated.

"(A mere) Declaration is not enough," said a political observer of Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University (UIN) in Ciputat, Banten province, Ali Munhanif, here on Saturday.

According to him, the declaration should be followed up with strategy and international diplomacy in a bid to push the agenda of the world recognizing Palestine, particularly the United Nations.

Munhanif further said that the strategy can be formulated and internationally supported, so that an international recognition for Palestine comes sooner.

"The OIC must come up with a measurable strategy to free up Al Aqsa," the observer pointed out.

He opined that OIC tends to become an arena of conflicts of interest among its own member countries, thus forgetting the main agenda of the OIC, a group initially established to struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

In addition, he noted that the issue of the Palestinian territories captured by Israel was at the heart of the problem in the Middle East and the Islamic world. Unfortunately, the Palestinian issue tends to be displaced by other issues that are less important, such as sectarian issues and the Arab Spring upheavals.

Meanwhile, Inter-parliamentary Cooperation Board (BKSAP) Deputy Chairman Rofi Munawar asked here on Saturday that the Government of Indonesia should seriously encourage the OIC member states to defend the sovereignty of Palestine as an independent state.

The House of Representatives member from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction expressed the hope that the OIC Summit could more comprehensively and strategically resolve the Palestinian issue.

It was time for the OIC member states to develop a network, strengthen solidarity and common commitment to fight for Palestinian sovereignty at various international forums.

That is because the Palestinian problem is not just a matter of a religious community, but also the struggle against the values of humanity against colonialism in the world.

"Palestinian issues have long been raised, together with the establishment of the OIC, but the conflict in Palestine continues to happen and the situation in the Middle East region continues to worsen," he said.

It was time for the OIC member states to increase cooperation, because in the midst of the current global economic downturn, the Islamic interstate cooperation can be used to re-stimulate the economy based on the values of Islam which are more competitive and mutually beneficial, Munawar opined.

"As the host country, Indonesia must play its role in support of the Palestinians, not only to stop the violence, but also to expand the markets of the Islamic countries to revive the economy of the Palestinian people," Munawar added.(*)